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Districtus - first meaning of this word is a disstrict, jurisdiction, severe / hesitating.
Second meaning is busy, having many claims in their attention. The word relates to the term districtio, which means the right of distress. It relates to the legal term “distringas”, which has several meanings:
1) A process of sanctioning (seizing assets or company shares, or charging a fine) a corporate body due to the fact it does not obey court orders and decisions.
2) A court order to enforce a judgment in favor of the claimant in detinue by repeated distresses.
3) An order towards police officers to bring a person before court, due to their lack of presence.
In practice, the word participates in the legal phrase “distingas nuper vice comitem”, which literally means “that you distrain the late sheriff”. In the area of Court Procedures it details a court order to seize the assets of a sheriff who is not working, because he/she failed to perform duties during work.

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