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Dilato – the legal definition of this Latin verb is to spread out, extend, expand, increase. In the Tort Law, damages may expand to the non-direct ones, that haven’t resulted directly from the wrongful act, but it took these some time to occur.
In the legal practice, the word participates in the legal maxim “dilationes in lege sunt odiosse”, which literally means “delays in Law are odious”. In the area of Law of Contracts it orders to the parties that they should exercise their rights in full otherwise they won’t be able to do it after expiration of certain deadlines. In other words parties, who do not pay attention and do not take care of their rights, should not ask for protection. Nowadays we use the term “dilatory plea”, which details a pleading with the role to delay the lawsuit.
Synonyms of “dilato” are “cresco”, “impendo” and “proventus”.

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