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Deus – This word refers to God, Lord, master. It participates in the legal maxim “Haeredum Deus facit, non homo”, applicable in the Probate Law. Literally it means “a heir is made by God, not by man”. The word is used also in the expression “Deus vult”, which literally means “Gods wills it!”. It was the motto of the crusades.
There is also another expression with this term - “Dies dominicus non est juridicus” – Sunday (the Lord’s day) is not working day for the court). It is applicable in most legal systems, where normally the administrations of courts do not work on weekends and do not commerce proceedings (excepts judges on duty). A similar expression is “Dies non juridicum”, which literally means “days without judiciary”
A synonym of “deus” is “domine”, which has the same meaning.

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