Latin Legal Terms


Defendo – this Latin verb literally means to defend, ward off, protect. In practice, the word participates in forming the legal term “se defendendo”, used in the area of Criminal Law to detail the self-defense. A self-defense is the act done by the victim against the aggressor, in order to stop the aggression. In many jurisdictions the self-defense is not punishable, as long as it won’t not harm more than the initial wrongful act.
“Defendo” relates also to the phrase “charta pardonationis se defendendo”, which refers to the given pardon for murdering another person in a situation of self-defense. I.e. there should be no criminal punishment (varying in the concrete legislation).
The word relates also to the legal term “defendemus”, applicable in the Property Law. It details a request towards the vendor to protect the beneficiary of the property, against any burdens established by third parties.

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