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Damnum – this Latin word literally means “damage”. A damage is the loss in value of property or health condition of affected person, who is pursuing monetary compensation for it in court. In the legal practice, it participates in the legal phrase “Damnum absque iniuria”, which means “a damage without wrongful act”. Namely it relates to these damages, which occurred from an event that can not be base for a compensation claim. In the modern Tort Law, applicable in most legal systems however, such events are reduced to minimum, due to the legal understanding that everyone should repair the damages which he has caused to another (especially by negligence or folly).
The word participates also in the legal phrase “damnum injuria datum”, which means “damages occurred from injury of a property”. It refers to the financial/economic damages that resulted from illegal activities on somebody else’s property.
The word relates also to the legal term “lex loci damni”, applicable in the area of Tort Law. It details the place where the damage has been done. The goal here is to establish which domestic law (and courts) will govern the legal suit for compensation; resp. will be entitled to hear disputes.

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