Latin Legal Terms


Contra – literally it means “against”, “opposing to” or “confrontation”. In practice, this Latin word is used in the term “contra legem”, which relates to these court decisions that are not following the provisions of the local legislation and should be either appealed or terminated. The word relates also to the legal term “contradiction”, which means speaking against; creating verbal contradiction.

It is used also in the term “contra proferentem” which has got application within the Law of Contracts and usable in cases where a contract has been disputed in court. This legal term provides that unclear clause or a clause with double meaning which has been implemented in the contract should be examined and interpreted against the interests of the party which wants its implementation. But there is an exclusion of this rule - it does not apply where there is legal dispute initiated by both parties about the meaning of the contract and its clauses.

The word participates also in the legal maxim “Quod vero contra rationem juris receptum est, non est producendum ad consequentias”, applicable in the area of Court Trials. There this maxim states that in cases where the truth has been received or accepted against the reason of Law, these cases should not be established into precedent or a legal provision to be followed by other courts.

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