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Confite or “confessus” – it means to confess, own up, admit, acknowledge. In practice, the verb participates in the legal maxim “Cum confitente sponte mitus est Agendum”, which is used in the area of Criminal Trials. There it states that the person who testifies voluntary and confesses, should be given smaller punishment – because he helps the prosecution. The goal of this method, applicable in many jurisdictions, is to reduce the criminal trial in cases where the accused confesses the guilt.
The word relates also to the legal phrase “confessio facta in judicio omni probatione major est”, representing a maxim applicable in the area of Court Trials. It states that a confession made during court hearing, has stronger legal force than any of the collected proofs. It should be noted here that in the Criminal Trials in some legal systems, the sole confession is not enough for deciding on the case and the sentence.

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