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Factum - this Latin term could have two different meanings, depending of where it has got application:
1) It means anaccomplishment, work, act, achievement made;
2) In the area of Wills and Probates it details the completion of a will and its parts to become valid. The word is related to the term “ex post facto law”, which means “legislation with reverse power”, pointed to acts in the past, that were not illegal at the time of doing, but nowadays this legislation proclaims these as illegal.
The word nowadays participates in the legal term “de facto marriage”, which is applicable in some jurisdictions. It details a couple of partners who are living together without legally been married. The reason of such recognized legal relation is to acquire great rights for the partners like if they were married. For example, this could be a right to inherit the deceased partner (if applicable in the concrete jurisdiction).
The word participates also in the legal phrase “nemo cogi potest praecise ad factum, sed in id tantum quod interest”, applicable in the area of Law of Contracts. It provides that parties should not be absolutely forced to fulfill their agreements.

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