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Facio – this Latin term has several different meanings, depending of where it has got application:
1) It means to make, do, act, perform, cause, and bring about. In practice, the word relates to the phrase “facio ut facias”, which details a situation, where both parties agree to perform work for each other, and this is the subject of their agreement (usually without any monetary satisfaction involved).
The word participates also in forming the legal maxim “Qui facit per alium facit per se”, used in the area of Authorizations and Agency Law. It states that a person, who acts through another person, is considered to act himself, although not being physically in person there. Usually this is part of the lawyers’ job – they are often authorized by clients to perform legal actions on their behalf and for their account.
2) It means to give permission / to experience, suffer (troubles).
3) Third meaning is to sacrifice, suit, help, and be of service

Note that lawyers and attorneys-at-law, do not work for free; their job is paid and should be respected, so when asking a lawyer for performance of legal activities on your behalf, or for their legal opinion on a concrete legal issue, you should pay them for their opinion and legal advice; it is the same like when you visit a doctor and pay for diagnose and medical treatment.

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