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Eadem – this Latin word means same, the same (one that is equal to the firstly presented). In the legal practice, the word relates to the legal provision “eadem est ratio, eadem est lex”, which means “the same reason, the same law”. It denotes that in similar situations, similar legal rule should apply to govern the relations between the parties.

The word has got application also in the legal maxim “nemo debet bis vexar si constat curiae quod sit pro una et eadem causa” used in the Criminal Law. It details there the legal rule that no one should be punished twice for the same crime. In other words, once the criminal trial ends with a sentence and the charge is over, then nobody should be entitled to claim the liability of the criminal in relation to the same performed crime. This does not mean that for eventual future crimes, the criminal history of the person should not be considered.

A synonym is “idem”.

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