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Concedo – this Latin word has two different meanings, depending where it has got application:
1) It means to allow something, to grant (a right). Within this given meaning, the word relates to the legal maxim “donari videtur quod nulli jure cogente conceditur”, applicable in the Inheritance Law, where provise that something if only given under no legal compulsion, is considered then as gifted.
2) Second meaning is to withdraw, give up (of something). For example, in the Conveyance Procedures, a client may withdraw the initially issued power of attorney, in situations where they wish to change their lawyer for completion of particular property purchase.
In practice, the word relates to the term “consessio”, which means “a grant”. For example, there is the phrase “concessum per totam curiam” used in the area of Court Trials, where means that something has been granted by the court.

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