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Brevia – this Latin term means: a writ, a document, issued by the court. It relates to several legal terms:
- “breve testatum”, used to describe a witnessed document, usually an agreement. The witnessing has the role to confirm the reached agreements.
- “brevia amicabilia” - used in the Court Trilas, where refers to these orders or writs, issued by the court on the base of submitted request by one of the parties, but with the consent/approval of the opposite party.
- “brevia anticipantia” – this term is used in the Court Trilas, where refers to preventive orders or writs, issused by the court.
- “brevia judicialia” – within the area of Court procedures this legal term details all the writs and orders, issued during the court case or during the execution procedure. All the various writs and the specifics for their form should be detailed in the local legislation. The writs of specific form are called “brevia formata”.
- “brevitatis causa” – this term is used in the Court trials, where refers to these documents, that are are part of the case.

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