Latin Legal Terms


Argentum – this Latin term means silver, money. This word is used in the term “argentums album”, which means white silver, and usually refers to silver coin.
Argumentum – this Latin legal term means proof, evidence and is often used in the area of Court Proceedings. It relates to the term “argumentum ab inconvenienti” which refers to argument, based on the difficulties involved in pursuing a line of reasoning. It relates also to the term “Argumentum a contrario” which literally means: An argument from the contrary. The word refers also to the legal term “Argumentum ad captandum” – it details an argument that has been placed to satisfy the crowd and to convince them in the point of the speaker. Another related expression is “Argumentum ambiguum – applicable in the sphere of Court Trials, where refers to an evidence which is not strong; i.e. a doubtful one that cannot help the party which has presented it.

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