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Administratio - this legal term means giving of help, administration (of something), a government. Nowadays it relates to the term “administration order”, which details an order by the court directing a debtor to pay a specified monthly installment into the bank account of the court or directly into the creditor’s bank account in respect of outstanding debts. Where paid to court, they retain the payments made and at intervals distribute it between the creditors on a pro-rata basis. Within the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Procedures, administration order is issued by the court to be forwarded to the enforcement agent (bailiff) or by liquidator (against debtors-physical individuals). The word relates to the legal phrase “Plene administravit praeter”, that literally means “He has fully administered, except.” It has been used by the administrator of the debtor’s assets to state that they have fully administered (managed) the debtor’s assets; i.e. completed the administration process but there are not any longer any valuable assets that could satisfy the remaining creditors.”

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