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Adimpleo – It means: too fulfill, to perform (a legal obligation, for example). The word participates in the legal term “non adimpleti contractus”, used in the area of Law of Contracts. It states that in a situation, where the concluded agreement creates obligations for both parties, one of these parties can not initiate legal proceedings towards the other to fulfil their obligations, if the claimant has not met their own obligations and “things to do” per the contract first. I.e. if the claimant is not the right party, he/she should not pursue the other party. The word participates also in the legal maxim “conditio praecedens adimpleri debet priusquam secuatur effectus”, which means that a precedent condition must be met before the outcome can follow. For example, in the area of Real Estate Law, payment of the purchase price must be done, in order the Title to be acquired or passed towards the beneficiary of the real estate.

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